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All Seasons All Year

Things we DO NOT take (we have tried and they do not sell)

•   Vsmile game systems & games

•   Dance mats that use batteries or plug into the TV

•   Breast pumps or accessories unless NEW in UNOPENED packages.

•   Used headbands & accessories

•   Puzzles in a bag with no picture.

•   Party supplies/trinkets

•   Photo albums

•   Cell phone accessories

•   Rated R DVDS

•   VHS (unless Disney), music cds, computer games

•   Homeschool books/teaching books

•   Maternity/First year etc. books

•   Hannah Montana (anything) doesn’t sell

•   Zhu zhu pet accessories (only the pets sell- must make sounds & move)

•   Sparring gear

•   Bedding sets

•   Precious moments & like decorations unless baby/kid related and please let consignor know that we

   don’t price very high since harder to sell

•   Shoes 5 youth & up (don’t sell)

•   Boys clothes 14 & up

   Girls clothes 14 & up